Screen Stencil Washout Techniques

An Overview

Why References Matter

To get the best results in screen printing, you need a guide for light exposure and cleaning. If something changes from this guide, it could be due to many reasons like the lamp getting old, different cleaning methods, changes in the coating, and more.

Checking Light Exposure

These checks help make sure each screen gets the right amount of light and is cleaned the right way.

Best Practices for Making Stencils:

  • Use an exposure calculator to find out the right light exposure.
  • Use a light-check on every screen and write down what you find.
  • Clean the screen right after exposing it to light.
  • Use cool or warm water to clean.
  • Start cleaning with gentle water on both sides.
  • If you use direct emulsion, start the pressure washer on the squeegee side. Be careful with capillary film.
  • Finish cleaning with gentle water on both sides.
  • Look closely at the stencil edges and small dots.
  • Use a vacuum to get rid of water left on the screen.
  • Write down and teach workers the right cleaning steps.

Final Thoughts

Doing the same thing every time is important. The way you clean affects how clear the image is, especially with detailed designs. To get the best prints, always follow the steps the same way, no matter who does it or when. Making stencils the right way can give better print results.

I hope this makes the information easier to understand! If you need more help, just let me know!

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