Screen Printing Squeegee: All You Need to Know

The Squeegee Handle

The best choices for our Screen Printing Squeegee handles are usually made of aluminium, wood or plastic. Unfortunately, wood is not the optimal selection since they need more effort to clean and can easily become bent. Wood Squeegee is still used today, but I would not suggest this type of holder. Aluminium is an ideal selection since it is straightforward to clean, very light, and easy to turn the sides.

Wood Squeegee Holder

Wood Squeegee is still used today, but I would not recommend this type of holder. See why.

Aluminum Squeegee Holder

Aluminium is an excellent choice because it is easy to clean, very light, and easy to replace, turn the side. Because a squeegee has two sides that you can use.

Plastic squeegee holder

The new plastic grips are not the wrong choice, but an aluminium grip would be preferable. Aluminium is certainly a longer-lasting choice.

EZ Grip Screen Print Squeegee

Plus, with a squeegee having two sides that can be used, if one of them is worn out or has notches! The new plastic grips may be an option, but aluminium would be better. Aluminium is more durable and has a longer life span.

What material are squeegees manufactured from?

Squeegee Centrifuge Cast Machine
Centrifuge Cast

Polyurethane (PUR and PU) is the preferred material for making quality squeegees, as it has impressive chemical resistance, wear-resistance and maintains its elasticity. The production of these squeegees can be done with a centrifuge or with individual flat form tools.

Produced, either in a centrifuge or with individual flat form tools.

What does the Squeegee colour indicate?

  • Red – soft single layer (65 durometers)
  • Green – single layer (75 durometers)
  • Blue – single layer (85 durometers)
  • Yellow – Triple-layer (70/90/75 durometer)
  • Red – soft triple-layer (65/90/65 durometer)
Different Squeegee Colors

The color should represent the hardness of the squeegee.

Nevertheless, it is essential that one consults with their supplier to confirm the durometer value of the squeegee as a higher durometer indicates a harder squeegee.

How to buy:

Squeegee Roll

You should be able to buy squeegees for screen printing in meters, or properly cheaper in rolls.

Why is Durometer is a squeegee reference?

The term ‘durometer’ is used to gauge the hardness of a squeegee, a critical device in printing. The degree of stiffness of the squeegee influences the amount of ink applied to a fabric and the accuracy of the printing.

The perfect durometer to use relies on the design, kind of ink, and the desired results. For example, when printing delicate details, it is best to use a durometer between 80-90, as this will use less ink. If more ink is desired, a softer durometer between 50-60 is the optimal choice. Furthermore, the shape of the squeegee also plays a role. As a suggestion, try to use a soft durometer squeegee for the under-base and firmer for the top colors. Be careful to not apply too much pressure, as this can force the ink through the material.

A suggestion, employ a squeegee with a soft durometer for the under-base and one with a harder durometer for the top colors.

When using the squeegee, it is important to ensure that the pressure applied is not too much. It is best to provide enough pressure to allow the ink to pass through the mesh, preventing any ink from getting stuck in the screen. This way, the ink will only be on the printed material and will not be pressed through it.

An exception to this is the ink paste binder, which should be firmly applied to the fabric.

How to test the Durometer Hardness of a Squeegee?

Here again we have a special screen printer tool.

Durometer Tester

When it comes to determining the Durometer Hardness of a Squeegee, a Hardness Tester – Durometer is used. This instrument indicates the resistance value to permanent indentation, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

Squeegee Shapes

Squeegee different Shapes

Squeegee comes in different shapes, The type of squeegee edge used will determine the amount of ink that is deposited. A rounded edge will deliver more ink than a sharp one. In Screen Printing we use, sharp and round mostly.

Why we have single, double and triple layers Squeegee?

Single Dual Triple Layer Squeegee

Screen printing necessitates the use of various types of squeegees, such as single, double and triple layers. These have been designed to combat potential difficulties that could emerge when using a single soft or medium hard squeegee with too much pressure. They come with either a double soft/hard or triple soft/hard/soft structure.

For screen printing, we work mostly with single, double and triple layers squeegees.

How to squeegee as a screen printer?

Squeegee Stroke Push or Pull

Seeking to learn the best way to use a squeegee as a screen printer? I was speaking with Charlie Taublieb and he suggested that pushing is less tiring than pulling.

However, please do what you are most comfortable with, as everyone has their own preference, such as those who prefer Macs over PCs. Give it a try and you’ll find what works best for you. When printing, the squeegee should be held at a 75-degree angle as a starting point. If you want to put more ink on the garment, lower the angle, and if you’re looking for less ink through the mesh, you will need to print with a higher angle. These same rules apply for manual and automatic printing.

TIP, Especially for water-based inks, Soft squeegees work best for flow and a fast; the double stroke is better than a slow single stroke.

Squeegee and Take Care

Repeatedly, I have witnessed staff members carelessly tossing their tools for wiping away dirt. They are put in a container where they bang against one another or hit hard edges. Consequently, it is of considerable importance to preserve the squeegee since any harm to the blade will affect the image quality. Your Squeegee edge condition is of importance!!

Screen Printer Squeegee, How to store them

Squeegee and how to store them

The best way to store a Screen Printer’s Squeegee is to make sure the edge is not touching anything. As the picture, the squeegee is hanging freely. The purpose of storing the Squeegee is to keep it safe.

It should be easily identifiable at a glance, which is an essential part of lean production. To achieve this, you can purchase or create special fixtures to store them. You can get an idea of what these look like by doing a Google search.

A Squeegee Handle Stand by himself
Squeegee Handle stand without support

This Squeegee I really like, the ergonomic shape seems to be handy, and the best is, you can store them upside down, great.

Simple Squeegee Holder made from wood

However, the goal is to protect the squeegee, and you should store them in a way, that in one glance you see, which squeegee you are looking for, that will fall under lean production. But more about that in another article.

Tools for Squeegee

Alternatively, we have a range of items for the squeegee, to keep it in shape or trim it.

  • Washing machines screen printing squeegee, an automatic machine to clean fast the squeegee
  • A clipper, to round squeegee corners, prevention of wear of the mesh
  • A knife cutter to cut the squeegee cleanly to length
  • Squeegee sharpener automatic or manual version exists
  • Manual tool for grinding the squeegee edges

Squeegee sharpener

Screen Printing Squeegee Sharpening

Washing machines screen printing squeegee

squeegee cleaner

Environmentally Friendly Screen Printing Squeegee

Environmentally Friendly Recycled Skateboard Screen Printer Squeegee
Recycled skateboards screen printing squeegee

Yes, we have found this one! Take a look at this gorgeous item crafted from recycled skateboards.

Source (opens in a new tab)

And don’t miss the Tip of the DAY for your Squeegee


Squeegees are an essential tool for screen printing. They are usually made from polyurethane (PUR and PU), and come in various durometer values, indicated by different colours. The best choices for squeegee handles are usually aluminium, wood or plastic. Aluminium is the optimal selection as it is straightforward to clean, very light, and easy to replace the sides. It is also important to use the correct amount of pressure when applying the squeegee, as too much pressure can force the ink through the material. To ensure the squeegee is in good condition, it should be stored in a way which prevents the edge from touching other objects. Additionally, there are a range of tools available to keep the squeegee in shape, such as a squeegee cleaner, a clipper, a knife cutter, and a squeegee sharpener. There is also an environmentally friendly option, such as a squeegee crafted from recycled skateboards.


What is the best Squeegee Handle for Screen Printing

A Squeegee Handle Stand by himself

We always advise going for an Aluminum Handle, as it is easy to clean and last a lifetime.

Screen Printer Squeegee are made from

Squeegee Roll

Good squeegees are made with polyurethane ((PUR and PU) is a polymer), which has the advantage of chemical resistance, wear-resistance and retains its dynamic elastic properties.

Why Squeegees have different Colors

Single Dual Triple Layer Squeegee

The colour indicates the durometer it should have. But as we have no worldwide standard concerning squeegee, it’s up to the Manufacturer what colour code he gives for the durometer.

What squeegee shape is best for screen printing

Squeegee different Shapes

The squeegee shape, insurance the amount of ink it lay down. We in screen printing, use mostly the round or sharp squeegee. Round for more ink deposit and the sharp for less deposit.

What means durometer by a squeegee

Durometer Tester

The durometer indicates the hardness of the squeegee, so harder it is, so higher the durometer. Screen printer work in a range of 65 soft to 90 hard.

What is a squeegee?

In screen printing, a squeegee is used to push the ink through the screen.

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