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Screen Printing Tools to Master the Variables

My Topic, HOW TO SCREEN PRINT LIKE A PRO explain what makes the difference from a Basic to a Professional Screen Printer.

It looks like a lot of a thing to control, but this is what it is, more control you have, so better will be the outcome and this every-time.

As there are things that you need to observe, by just plain trying it. There are other things that you need to measure.

screen printing tools used by professionals

And for this, we have luckily some tools to do so.

For my part, we can be even to obsess with it,  but nevertheless, the goal is to have total control and for sure, so more you know, so more control you have.

Let’s see, what Professional Screen Printers use.

Tension Meter

Very Important, but as we Screen Print more and more Water Based Ink, what would not need this amount on tension like Plastisol Ink. I rate it a bit down, as long you have MIN. 15 Newton on your frame you will be “OK”. Try to have 30 Newtons and you set perfect.


A must-have, inexpensive and you know, in what Condition your Darkroom is. Emulsion NEEDS under 40% -MAX 50% of Humidity. Otherwise, you don’t get a good Stencil what last in Production.

Dehumidifier and/or Air Condition

If you are not able to hold a Humidity level under 40%. You would need to invest to have a proper stencil. And have in mind, 24Hours.


You will look for a heater, when you need to dry your emulsion fast. Screen Printing means speed, any-type of heat will help, apart an open fire 😉

Moisture Meter

If you can assure, that you have low humidity, then it’s not a should have tool. But if you are a busy work shop, you would love to be confirmed, that the humidity of the emulsion is ready to go.

Exposure Calculator

The Exposure Calculator, is a must-have Tool. You really want to know, what is the proper expose time for your Photo Emulsion. It’s a Key to produce high quality frames and durability. You are blind without.

Stencil Thickness Gauge

EOM (Emulsion Over Mesh), this is a very smart tool, to measure how thick your emulsion is, and to control your ink deposit.

Profile Meter

It’s a nice Tool to have, if you have the pocket money for it. But if you are more low Budget and if you always do an additional face coating to you dry coated frame, I believe you are “fine”.

Mesh Counter

Simple as it is, it takes the guess work out.

Magnifying Glass

Or a Digital Microscope, you like to see your exposed Emulsion or sometimes, just control your registration on the press, a must-have tool.

Donut Probe

The Thermo Probe (Donut Probe) is used to control your dryer temperature, the best way to do so, is to map your Dryer.

Laser Gun Temperature

Temperature Gun, is used mostly to measure the temperature of a surface, like printing platen or heat transfer press.

Vacuum Screen

Many Screen Printers, still use to dry they screens after washing with compressed air, but you will have dirt and oil in it.

Better is, to use a vacuum to remove the water and keeps your screen clean.

Pallet Level Unit

Mostly used by Screen Printing Shops, with Automatic Machines like M&R. As they Pallets get get very often out of level.

Machines like MHM or ROQ, do not have this problem. It’s an important to have your Pallets in level and this speeds up the work.


The Thermometer is very important for the Screen Printing Shop, as it provides the indication, under what condition you are working. But to be sure, your ink stock does stay well.

Squeegee Sharpener

For a Quality Print, you will need a sharp Squeegee. The only way to maintain a sharp Squeegee is to have a Squeegee sharpener.

Pantone Capture

Identify the colors and match.

Here more info on

Viscosity Meter

To check the viscosity of your screen printing ink.

Don’t get frustrated, by this long list. But if you take screen printing serios, you need to look for them. Have in mind, you need to control every variable you can. So more variables you have under your controll, so less problems you will get in your screen printing production.

Nobody said that screen printing is easy and here is the answer. What is the different between a screen printer and a professional one, simple to control.

This screen printer tools, will help you to make your life easy.

Believe me!

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