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Pantone Lighting Indicator

A common mistake when looking at colours is the wrong lighting conditions.
Pantone has developed a simple tool called Pantone Lighting Indicator, to solve this problem.

It simply indicates whether the lighting conditions are right or wrong.

The simplicity of the Pantone Lighting Indicator

How often do we see customers complaining that the colour printed on the garment, is not correct? how can we assure that the colour been checked at the right light condition? The Pantone Lighting Indicator insure as, that it is checked well. I attached this Lighting Indicatorave to the garment, so the client is able to confirm that he had seen it under the right light. Screen printer, how to get things approved for printing, where the client does not come to the workshop, this is the perfect tool. this small investment will help you to get things faster approved. Would mean you would reduce the downtime and or especially, to redo the sample. Today I would not work without it and simple to explain to the client, how it works.

Did YOU do the color adjustment under the right lighting conditions?

Pantone Lighting Indicator Video how it works

Pantone Lighting Indicator | Screen Printing Tutorial in 1 Minute
Watch this video on YouTube.

This small tool, can solve many problems, concerning screen printing colours.

Why to use the Pantone Lighting Indicator

  • A safeguard to ensure that the ambient light is correct for viewing the colour proof
  • Saves valuable time and therefore money
  • Very easy to use and explain to the customer
  • They are stickers that can be applied directly to the screen printed sample for shipment

The Pantone Lighting Indicator is produced by Pantone D50.

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