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Moisture Meter for Screen Printer

The Moisture Meter for screen printer, is to measure the humidity level of the emulsion.

Why is the moisture meter important?

Special moisture meter for screen printing

To develop a good screen means. at first that you have coated well your emulsion on the mesh.

The emulsion is light-sensitive, but only when it is scorched. This means, if you handle the emulsion, you don’t need to do so, in complete darkness. Your Darkroom, with its minimized UV ratio light, will be fine.

Secondly, The Moisture meter for the screen printer indicates if your screen is ready for exposure, simple as that. But it is not only simple, but it ensures you that your emulsion is ready for exposure, to get the best results on the screen.

How to use the moisture meter?

This shown moisture meter here needs to placed on your coated screen, with the two connection tips, after drying in your dry chamber. Hit the button, And it indicates ready to go when the scale is in the green zone, less than 4% humidity (durable stencil). By orange, 4-6% humidity. And If it is in the red area, with more than 6% humidity, you still need to wait and dry it longer. Emulsion, to give you the best results and extended-lasting frames, means, the emulsion needs to be under 30% humidity inside.

One Button for Humidity test, the second Button for Battery Test

It’s a really simple test, but what makes you control your variables again.
Also, If you leave your dry coated screen, outside too long, of your dry chamber. It could be that it absorbs, the water from the surrounding,s and your result will be a screen. What does not develop a sharp outline or will last long in the production run time.

Moisture Meter Scale, Green 4%, Orange4-6%, Red more than 6%

Is this investment needed?

You will tell me, I can touch the screen, and if it is not sticky anymore, it is ready to go. And this is not true,  for this reason, how can you check with your hand the amount of humanity on the screen? No way!

Even more, you need to have consistency in screen printing with all your variables; it is a must tool to have.

Especially only well-dried screens will give you the best results. Because your screen breaks down in production, how much it cost, to replace this screen? Further consider the long term, how much production downtime you save. Also, The moisture meter removes the guesswork; it indicates; clearly, I’m ready to go or not.

As a result, to devlope fine outlines or dots, your emulsion needs to be in perfect conditions!

Moisture Meter for screen printer what is Important?

The Importance of a screen printer moister meter is his measurement contacts. They are flat, not like a moisture meter to measure wood or walls; they have spike mess contacts. And you don’t want to pierce your screen!

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Check out this short video

Moisture Meter | Screen Printing in 1 Minute
Watch this video on YouTube.

The product used here, is the Saati Aqua Check Moisture Meter

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