How to organize your work as a screen printer

Yesterday I saw a posting on the Facebook Screen Printer Clothing Worldwide the question, “My Business is growing and I have difficulties catching up or I even forget about things”, what you are doing?

Evernotes Desktop and Mobile

Yeah, that very often happens, we are today so extremely busy and do so many things at the same time, that we forget about things, quotes, documents, etc….not easy to keep track of all.

However, once I had a Skype Chat with Richard Greaves (opens in a new tab) an expert in Screen Printing. As I have been looking for an old Article called Plastisol Printer’s Guide to Use Water-based inks from Charles Leach. I did not find it anymore at the SGIA Database and not in the www
Richard the source, showed me on his screen, what software he used to collect all is Screen Printing related Articles. I have been very impressed, to see this large collection (30000 +!?). The trick is, not only having 30000 Articles about Screen printing, the thing is, you need to find it when you need it. The software he used to do so (name not in hand), been around 200$. But Richard give me the hint to Evernote.

A quick look at it and as i like Free Tools, i downloaded it directly and since then, my knowledge is just growing 😉


A VERY SIMPLE WAY to explanation.
It is just a big Box where you throw ALL your information what you like to keep inside.
The information, can be collected by your Phone, Computer, Tablet or Web clipper, in form as text, voice, image, scan, attachment,  etc etc.
From any Computer, from your SmartPhone, Browser,  you make a Note and it synchronizes with all devices directly. What it means – what ever you have in mind, note it down, in Evernote and it is always there. Create your To-do List and be always up to date.


Just get the drive (think different, think Evernote), not to write anything’s down on paper anymore, just Note it in Evernote. And where ever you are, you have the information with you! And where ever you are, you can collect information, whatever it is.
Evernote, have a great Search Algorithm, that you find your notes again. Even information, that been stored a long time ago.

My self I started with the Free version, which is great, as you have every month 60MB of upload space. Every month you get 60MB more. For the basic, it’s properly enough. But I started to upload 8 GIG (incl. videos) and this is why I end up with Premium Account.

Today I have over 10,000 Notes in Evernote, I do not only use it for Business, I use it for every daily life thing. I’m Paperless now and save all important documents or bills or ideas or Bookmarks to Evernote.
The only thing, I do not store in Evernote, are my Bank details and Passwords.

As i have the Premium Account, you as a Company could use the Business Version, advantages are there:

  1. Collaborate in a single workspace
    Keep team projects and work together
    Share and give feedback in one app

2. Individuals
Write everything in Evernote
Collect images, files, and web research
Sync across computers and phones

3. Administrators
Fast on-boarding and SSO
Central user administration
Enhanced security with TLS/SSL

This is even better, collect your information outside and send it directly to your company desk and let people work on it. Evernote’s have so many options and if you are willing to get organized, I believe this is the Tool for you, to have control and everything at any time at your fingertip.

One more option that I find very useful (from Premium version on only), is that you can scan Business Cards and Evernotes reads this information and add it to your contact list and if wished, search for the person directly on LinkedIn. No more need to keep these Business cards anymore 😉
And Evernote scans images and can read text from there. Just make a picture of something, upload it to Evernote, and search for the text, what been in the image…wow!

And one big side-effect is, that Evernote acts as a backup for all your information! It stores the info in the cloud and at the same time on your computer. So any computer crash you have, your information is not gone. I think this is a nice side-effect, a free backup system!

One more Tip:

Don’t overdue Tagging, use tags but use them wisely. You will understand later, that when your database is growing, a good tagging system, brings you further. Evernote has videos on YouTube (opens in a new tab).

If you like to try Evernote, please just use my referral link (opens in a new tab), as I would collect the point for my next year’s subscription. Thank you. And with more than 150 Million Users Worldwide, you can’t go wrong 😉

Any Question or Idea you may have, please let me know.


Evernote is a great tool to organize your work as a Screen Printer and even in your daily life. Synchronize any information across different platforms, SmartPhone, Tablet, Desktop, Web.  If you stick to it, you will understand very fast, how great this tool is.

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