Water-based screen printing inks explained in Video

Screen Printing Water Based Inks, the basic is to understand, why we have different types of water-based inks.
They are used in a combination or depending on the substrate. You need to understand your ink first. Very important is to have the TDS Info on hand, as your supplier’s ink could work differently. The inks we used here, are from CHT, which has a great range of screen printing ink, they are specialized in water-based inks.

Screen printing water based ink explained


Water Based Ink explained | Screen Printing Tutorial in 1 Minute

When to use:
1) LAC ink (semi-opaque) you print on Top of an Under Base or for fine dot/lines screen printing
2) Binder (transparent ink with nobody) you will print only on White textile substrate or pale colors Shirts.
3) As Opaque White Under-Base or as White in a design.
4) Clear (with a body) to print on under-base for bright colors or on white for better wash-fastness than a transparent Binder.

If you have questions about this short water-based Inks Tutorial, please let me know.

And please note

You never print Binder on Opaque ink, as this will result in poor washing results.

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