Water Based Inks from CHT

Here I would like to show you some Water-based Screen Printing ink. I did a video once, to explain the basics of Water Based inks, on another topic I will speak more about it.

Screen Printer water based ink

But what you see here, is from the basics of water-based inks to phthalate-free screen printing inks. The company CHT, writes itself big on the flag that they create very environmentally friendly products. The FF series, and indeed the others, have the blue label, and they comply with the OEKO-TEX® standard.

PrintPerfekt Serie (Normal Water Based Ink)

PrintPerfekt FF (phthalate-free screen printing inks)

Binder or Transparent Inks to print only on White or pale body color

Special Water Based Inks

If you like to read all about water based inks, check out Water Based Screen Printing

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