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S-Mesh Versus T-Mesh

In high-end screen printing, we now use more often the S-Mesh instead of the T-Mesh.
As it has better coverage and most printers use it for the underbase.
But not only for the underbase, as specially for water base ink, but it also shears easier with less pressure.
The result is not only better opacity, but a softer hand too.

Here i did a small video, to explain the difference.

S-Mesh Versus T-Mesh | Screen Printing Tutorial in 1 Minute
Watch this video on YouTube.

Why Professional Screen Printer uses an S-Mesh:
1) Better Opacity
2) Less Ink Usage
3) Less Emulsion Consumption
4) Soft hand
5) Less Squeegee Pressure

Be aware, as the S-Mesh is much finer than the T-Mesh, it is more delicate to work with.

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  1. Hey there,
    Thanks so much for the youtube clip, That helped a lot, I actually love the S MESH screens but and new to using it. I just wanted to know if you have on your hands a S MESH CHART, So I can compare it to the T MESH counts in which one I should use.?
    Hear from you soon

    Kind Regards



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