January 26, 2022

Distressed Look in Screen Printing in 7 Steps

Does your design need that added edge? How do you make something old-looking on purpose? Check out the tutorial on how to create your own distressed look on clothing or any designs in silkscreen printing.
How to create a distressed look using CorelDraw with just 7 simple steps.

Type Your Letter in CorelDraw

Import this file to CorelDraw


Fit Image to Text Size

Bitmaps convert to Bitmaps

Bitmaps/Convert to Bitmaps/Resolution 300,Black &White 1 Bit,No Anti-aliasing/OK

Left Mouse click/Transparent Color

Right Mouse Click/White,Set Outline Color


More than 30 Years in the Screen Printing Business. Living in Mauritius Island in the Indian Ocean, Nationality : German, Married, two children.

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