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Foil screen printing, is done in two parts, first, print the glue ink, a screenprinting ink specially designed for foil (or flock), like Translac Bond on the textile.
To do so, use a big mesh count, as you like to get a good deposit on the T-Shirt.

Screen Printing Effect Header

Check your emsulsion, needs to be thick too!

Now when you have the clue printed on the garment, take it off and gel cure it only!

What means gel cured, gel cured means, that you just dry the ink, so it is not tacky anymore, but not fully cured yet!

You don’t want to cure the ink yet, as this will be done under the transfer press.


Even, if you use the not recommended Plastisol ink, you should not cure it before pressing!

Transfer Press

Take your gel cured garment and place it under a transfer press, sandwich the foil with the mat side on the ink, under the transfer press, and press it by medium pressure for the recommended time from the ink supplier datasheet.

It’s important that you know your Screen Printing ink, Datasheets collections of your ink, you should have them in your workshop.

If not, ask your supplier to get them.

Take it off the transfer press, and peel the foil off. But Only when it is cold!

Foil Screen Printing is easy

Foil is a kinda easy printing effect, but you need a good ink to work with.

Sharp edges are necessary like on this picture.

Foil Printing with sharp edge

ou can go nuts with foil printing, as it has so many options, to get fancy and nice effects to your garment. Just have a look at this picture.

Here we printed first a vintage puff ink design, added the clue, and did not puff up the ink in your dryer. Just gel cure it again. Then under the transfer press, you put it together, but you just “kiss” the print, don’t press it to death. Puff ink, if over cured, will shrink back and will look like normal ink. We don’t want this, we want the puff ink and foil to melt together and holds well.

Have a look at this short video, even caviar beads can be used.

Here in the video, I show a Tip, on how you can create crazy effects with Puff Ink and caviar beads.

Screen Printing Foil | Screen Printing in 1 Minute

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