Screen Printed Labels Machine


Rapid Tag screen printing machine

It all started with the interview video from Scott Fresener at the SGIA 2011 Show.

When they moved aside, to show this small little machine, I have been very impressed!

Screen Printing Label Machine

This been the solution for me. We printed thousands of small size labels, but blocking always our big screen printing automatic machine, just to print a small size label.

Scott Fresener interviews Peter Choi at SGIA 2011

The solution is clear, this handy small machine, prints hundreds of labels per hour.

It takes a very small footprint in our screen printing shop and it cured the ink on the spot!

I have been one of the first buying this rapid tag screen printing machine, as i remember.

And i only can advise you, if you have a print shop and you are printing many small size prints, go for it. You save money all the way. Not only is the investment low, compare to a bigger size printing machine. You save money, by running the machine, it needs very little dry air from a compressor and much less electricity as the bigger counterpart. And your free your bigger machines, to run big size, multicolor printing.

Small, in size, but big in speed.

The machine size is only 82 cm for the one color version LP1 (1 color print head), up to the LP4 (4 color print head) just needs 33 cm more.

A run rate of 2000 impressions per hour and printing clothing labels etc. that are printed and cured without a dryer! Realistic is more or less, 600pc an hour, as the loading and unloading takes more time. I’m mean the world record in loading t-shirts on an automatic printing machine is over 1200 Shirts an Hour. Means, if you find a Screen Printer like this, you would be able to print more than 600 PC an hour.

Do you still print tag labels per hand or even use your old printing press? …or even pad printing for labels?? There are better and faster ways today as you can see.

Custom Machines: What do you need?

From printing napkins, bags too…they have a solution

Some samples we did of label printing…. Did you know, you could print on Plastic too?

If you have any question, about this Label Printing Machine, just let me know.

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