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Face Mask Screen Printing Machine

Do you think about a niche market for face mask screen printing?

COVID-19 is a disaster for nearly everybody, but for some, it brings opportunities, like screen printing on a face mask. This business is properly not a thing, that will vanish in a short time. COVID-19 will be properly longer with us than we would like.

Face Mask Scree Printing Header

But every downside has a good side too. And this means for us screen printers, that we have a new product to print on, what hardly exist before.

What are your possibilities for Mask Screen Printing

Many screen printers, printing now on a face mask, the prices dropped properly for this service, as many people jumped in. But here a list, why you should screen print face masks and what possibilities you have. here are the opportunities, to screen print them.

Why Screen Print Face Mask

  1. It’s a hype right now
  2. It’s a new market what will stay for longer, than we like
  3. Printing on Face Mask did not excist before, on this scale
  4. Millions of Face Mask are needed every day
  5. Easy handling for Screen Printing
  6. Little Ink used
  7. Fast turnover

How to screen print face masks

We have here different options, the easiest would be, to screenprint on the flat panel before it been stitched. It would not require a special palette. But be careful here, Jersey has the tendency to curl up on the edge, which is terrible to place the small panel on the palette. There are some techniques, to avoid curling edges. By spraying starch on it or other efforts exist. To prevent this curling of the edge. Be aware of it, as this will slow down your production, just by having a hard time placing this face mask panel to the palette.

The other option is, to print on the finished mask. What could lead to buying a special palette for your screen printing machine. This is properly the easiest solution, but be aware, how the mask is. Not that in the middle of the print area you see the stitching. What could lead, to misprints (dirty edges), after some prints. And this would mean, you always have to clean your screen. Not a good idea this way. Better assure, that the print area, is free from any stitching seems.

Here are some options on how you can print a face mask.

If you are a small workshop and you have big orders for face mask printing.

Printing On Face Masks Using the RapidTag Machine | Automatic Face Mask Pallets
Watch this video on YouTube.

Then why you don’t check out, this face mask screen printing machine.

The automatic screen print option for face mask printing

Automatic Screen Printing Face Mask Machine

It’s a small size automatic screen printing machine. What could turn up to 1500PC per hour! Ok, I guess, you will not be able to load that fast. But you are not limited only to face masks. You can be different palettes to print tagless t-shirts or other promotional products.

This small machine, have the same options, like the big once. Motion sensor, flash cures, stroke adjustments, squeegee angle adjustments, pneumatic screen locks. You can cure your print even directly on the machine, no need for a screen print dryer. The only limit is the screen print area.

But if you think, you are not ready yet, for this output. Why not look for a special face mask palette, like from action engineering (opens in a new tab). This company has proven for years, to build high-quality palettes, for anything to print on. Check them out.

Face Mask Manual Screen Printing

Or the well-known company VASTEX (opens in a new tab), has a durable printing machine, build for a lifetime. Yes, it is more expensive than others, but when it comes to precise registration and durability of the machine, it’s unbeatable. Is it worth investing in much more? Yes, it is, you will catch up, very fast on downtime or registration problems. Setup time will be faster, this is what counts. Speed is necessary for Screen Printing, otherwise, you will leave the field for others, as you can’t compete with their prices.

Manual Entry Level Mask Printing option

Or what about an entry level, for just printing face masks. I just have seen this by my research for screen printing face mask. Have a look at this basic entry level for screen printing.

And this is what I try to teach you here on the website. If you go into screen printing, think about the long term. Think about, what makes your life easy. Buying cheap means problems, investing in value, makes you grow much faster and with much more headaches. I promise!

Ask yourself some questions.

Think about, what could face mask printing, brings to your shop?

Can you get clients, who do face mask and looking for a screen printer?

Could you produce face mask by your self and screen print them?

What would be the cost involved?

As said at the beginning of this article, face mask printing will stay, it’s not a fashion-driven product. It is here today and it will stay with us for a time if we like it or not.

See the opportunity, what it can bring to you and tap the market.

Sit down, think about it, what added value face mask screen printing, could give you, and think long term. Grow wisely! But don’t miss opportunities, what this difficult time brings along.

More than 30 Years in the Screen Printing Business. Living in Mauritius Island in the Indian Ocean, Nationality : German, Married, two children.

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