What’s the wash durability of DTF printing versus screen printing?


Screen printing, a traditional, durable method, can be labor-intensive and costly for multi-color designs. Direct-to-Film (DTF), a digital technique, provides cost-effective, high-quality, full-color prints.

With proper care, screen prints resist fading and survive many washes, often longer than the garment itself. DTF prints, while also durable, can fade faster under harsh washing or high temperatures.

Two types of inks are used in screen printing. Plastisol inks offer excellent wash durability when correctly cured. Water-based inks also offer good wash fastness but are generally less durable and can provide a vintage look after washing.

To sum it up, both screen prints and DTF prints are durable with proper care, but plastisol inks in screen printing are generally more durable than water-based ones. Proper care of the printed items can significantly extend their life.

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