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Discover how I streamline spot color separations using SimpleSeps, a CorelDRAW plugin, in my screen printing workflow. Learn from my firsthand experience and tips.

This article on using SimpleSeps for spot color separations, written from the perspective of Stefan Mertes, owner of

SimpleSeps: My Go-To Tool for Spot Colour Separations

As a screen printer, creating accurate spot color separations is crucial for producing high-quality prints. Over the years, I’ve tried various methods and tools to streamline this process. And the one that has become an indispensable part of my workflow is SimpleSeps – a powerful plugin for CorelDRAW.

Why I Love SimpleSeps for Spot Color Separations

The main reason I turn to SimpleSeps time and again is its ability to quickly and clearly show me the exact colors used in a design. When you’re dealing with client-supplied artwork, it’s common to receive files created in RGB mode or CMYK. But for screen printing, we need to convert these to spot colors, typically the Pantone colour palette.

SimpleSeps makes this conversion process a breeze. It provides a visual representation of each color, making it easy to identify and fix any issues, like a fine black outline or a small element that might otherwise be missed to convert. This has saved me hours of manual color editing in CorelDRAW.

Another feature I rely on heavily is the ability to create an underbase and choke it back slightly. This is sometimes important for achieving clean, need prints on dark garments. While this can be done manually in CorelDRAW, SimpleSeps automates the process, saving significant time and effort.

A Focus on Solid Spot Colors

While SimpleSeps does offer halftone options, which can be useful for certain designs, I find myself using it primarily for solid spot color work. The vast majority of jobs I handle call for crisp, bold spot color prints, and that’s where SimpleSeps really shines.

simpleseps spot colour separation plugin for coreldraw

Integrating with My Workflow

As a CorelDRAW user, I love how seamlessly SimpleSeps integrates with the program. It feels like a natural extension of the software, not a clunky add-on. And while CorelDRAW does update annually, I’ve found that the SimpleSeps team does a great job keeping the plugin compatible with new versions.

That said, I don’t always feel the need to have the absolute latest version of CorelDRAW. SimpleSeps works well with older releases too, so I can update my software on my own schedule without worrying about losing this essential tool.

A Valuable Time-Saver

At the end of the day, SimpleSeps is a time-saver for me. It streamlines the spot color separation process, giving me more time to focus on other aspects of the business. Plus, its accuracy means fewer mistakes and reprints, which is great for the bottom line.

I highly recommend giving SimpleSeps, especially if you’re a CorelDRAW user.

I have no connection to or with Simpleseps, but would like to highlight this plugin for spot colour separation as I have been using it daily, The Price Tag is now by 199.99USD.

Sadly I do not see a trial version on their website, it would be nice if you could try it first for yourself.

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